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Sedation Denstistry

The sedation we utilize is oral sedation (pills). We use pills for several reasons:

  1. Many of our patients are needle-phobic so they would not like to be told that we must use a needle to sedate them.
  2. With oral sedation we can work on patients for a longer period of time.
  3. Oral sedation is very safe.

The medication stays in a patient's system for several hours after the appointment, so we get few complaints of pain after the procedures are completed.

How Long Will This Take?
General dentistry can be very time consuming. Patients with complex dental problems are often depressed when told it will take 8-10 appointments over a period of several months to restore their teeth. This type of plan most often ends in failure for fearful patients who have been hurt by dentists in the past. They will go for one or two appointments to get out of pain and abandon the remaining treatments until they are in pain again.

Many of you are well familiar with this scenario since you have gone through it several times. This results in a lifetime of pain and an inability to smile due to embarrassment. Because of newer and safer sedation techniques utilizing a common sedation pill, there is a growing trend in the United States among trained dentists to sedate patients.

Sedation enables us to sometimes complete the entire treatment in 1 or 2 appointments instead of 8 or 10. With this sedation you will have little or no memory of the hours spent in the dental chair.

The most common response we hear is "I remember taking some medication and the next thing I remember is waking up with my teeth restored." Most patients remember nothing about their treatment. A few will remember a little, usually at the end of the appointment when we are preparing to send them home. (We do not put patients to sleep.)